Ministry spot-checks Jambi as creative city in culinary sector

Jambi (ARSIP DUNIA) – The Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy will carry out a spot-check on Jambi as a creative city in the culinary sub-sector.

“We will provide support to the development of MSMEs (micro, small, and medium enterprises) by conducting a spot-check in Jambi as a creative city in the culinary sub-sector,” Minister Sandiaga Uno said in Jambi on Wednesday.

After the spot-check, the ministry will provide support to MSMEs by providing mentoring, training, and access to marketing and financing, he informed.

Culinary MSMEs in Jambi city have shown a recovering trend after two years of muted activity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Uno said.

The ministry is offering a number of programs for the development of MSMEs, such as a workshop on packaging design, where MSME players will be trained to design more attractive product packaging to increase sales.

“We give optimism of Jambi’s economic revival, which starts from MSMEs, and with the help of on-target programs, businesses can grow two to threefold,” Uno explained.

The ministry also organized a creative city workshop in Jambi to support districts and cities there to enhance innovation in the creative economy of each region, he noted.

At least 41.5 percent of the jobs in Indonesia are created by MSMEs, he highlighted. Therefore, the growth and development of MSMEs need to be supported by the central and the local governments, he said.

“I leave three points for MSMEs to keep growing and developing, which are innovation, adaptation, and collaboration,” Uno added.

He said the ministry is pushing for synergy between the government and MSME players.

Meanwhile, Deputy Mayor of Jambi Maulana said there were 40 thousand MSMEs in Jambi city who have received mentoring and coaching from the Jambi city government.

“Our hope is that MSMEs in Jambi city can develop and help economic growth,” Maulana added. 




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